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Not going in alone: Who can offer support?

Support from others can reduce stress and increase chances for success. Your circle of support can include people inside and outside the family who might provide emotional support, observe driving skills, discuss family concerns with the driver, pay for in-home services, provide alternative transportation, and look for public transportation alternatives. Other people can just listen or provide an outsider’s perspective. Here’s how you can identify, and possibly expand, your circle of support.

Step 1

  1. Download and print your Support Circle Form:
  2. In the inner circle, place the name of your loved one.
  3. In the second circle, write the names or initials of those people currently providing ongoing assistance to you or your loved one.
  4. In the third circle, indicate those who look after your
    loved one in a limited way — perhaps neighbors, friends, relatives or healthcare professionals.
  5. In the outer circle, indicate those who are not currently involved but who could be asked, even if only in a limited or professional way.

Step 2

  1. How comfortable are you with the number of available support people?
  2. Are you using your support network to the fullest extent you need?
  3. If you are underutilizing your support network, what is keeping you from it? (Examples: beliefs, attitudes, concerns, relationships)
  4. In what ways could you encourage improvement in the quantity and quality of support that you